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Iron Station - Pivotal Ironing Board

Iron Station - Pivotal Ironing Board

Iron Station - Pivotal Ironing Board

Maybe it's just me, but Ironing clothes on an ironing board has always been a frustrating chore of trying to find a proper angle to press out the wrinkles. The solution is this cool new Iron Station - Pivotal Ironing Board coming soon from

This modern ironing board re-imagining conveniently pivots open allowing you to slide sleeves and pant legs onto smaller, individual arms for easier ironing, clamps shut to hold shirt cuffs and collars, and rotates closed for traditional use. It features a rotating arm that moves to any angle you need, a fold flat tripod stand for optimum set-up, stability, and storage, and machine washable cotton covers. Unfortunately, you still have to do the ironing. Check out the video below to see a protoype of it in action.

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  • Ironing board that can pivot open to easily press sleeves, collars and pant legs, and rotate closed for traditional use
  • Board can separate and allow you to slide sleeves and pant legs onto individual arms for better ironing
  • Rotating arm moves to the angle you need
  • Board can be clamped together to hold cuffs and shirt collars in place for the perfect press
  • Innovative tripod stand makes for easy set up, provides optimum stability, and folds flat for storage
  • Cotton covers for pivoting arm and stationary part of board
  • Cotton covers are removable and machine washable
  • Size expanded for use: 36.5" L x 16" W x 33" H
  • Size folded for storage: 3" D x 16" W x 50" H

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