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Air-Conditioned Seat Cushion

Air-Conditioned Seat Cushion

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If you have to work at a computer all day or just like to sit around for long periods of time, you know that your butt can get really hot, especially in the summer months. The solution is the amazingly cool new Air-Conditioned Seat Cushion. Simply place this innovative seat cushion on your chair, sit down and turn it on. A built-in fan generates a continuous flow of air through a grid of internal flexible spacers that allows a person to sit comfortably with no build-up of sweat or humidity within the cushion. There is also a higher-grade model that incorporates a seat-sensitive on/off switch with a more durable dual-layer material and another model designed especially for your car.

If you really want to go for the full cooling package, don't forget to wear the equally cool Air-Conditioned Shirt!

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