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VALIRYO - Full Body Dryer

VALIRYO - Full Body Dryer

VALIRYO - Full Body Dryer


We live in a modern world, yet we're still toweling off after a shower with a giant sheet of stiff and scratchy fabric that sometimes gets re-used over and over before washing it. Replace that old-fashioned towel with this cool new VALIRYO Body Dryer. This extra flat, wall-mounted full body dryer can be installed inside or outside of a shower and dries a person from head to toe in minutes using a pleasant, temperature-controlled air massage that's expelled from 27 diffusers - no need to wash any towels. It features adjustable temperature and intensities (up to 62 mph), is fully water-resistant, and can easily be installed without a bathroom renovation. Perfect for anyone tired of washing towels, those with limited mobility or skin issues, wet pets, and it's safer than awkwardly trying to dry off in a slippery environment. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.

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