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Fanimation Fargo - 360 Degree Globe Tabletop Fan!

Fanimation Fargo - 360 Degree Globe Tabletop Fan!

Remember those old metal art deco tabletop fans at your grandparent's house. Sure the metal fan blades were barely enclosed, but you can't beat the cool design. Well imagine those same fans upgraded with safety in mind and a cool futuristic twist and you have the Fanimation Fargo - 360° Globe Tabletop Fan. This fan has a globe shaped cage with the fan blade positioned on its horizontal axis. The result is air flow that is drawn in from the top of the fan and then distributed out the center in 360 degrees. You have a fan with a design that is absolutely like no other, all metal construction (blade is plastic) and air circulation that doesn't blow your stuff all over the place. Very cool.

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