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Fargo 360 Degree Desktop Fan

Fargo 360 Degree Desktop Fan

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Fans in the Summer are an essential way to cool down and keep refreshing a breeze going, but in the office it usually means papers blowing around everywhere. As a solution, you could get an old-fashioned paperweight or you could just use what the old time bankers used to prevent disturbed paperwork, one of these cool new, yet very retro, Fargo - 360 degree Desktop Fans.

These unique 1920s inspired banker fans have globe-shaped cages with horizontal blades inside that draw air in from the top and then recirculate it back out around the center, resulting in a lateral breeze that doesn't rustle papers below it. It features an oil-rubbed bronze finish with antique-brass accents, 3 speed settings, and a carrying handle. A timeless design that truly shows off form and function.

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