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Windchaser Windchill Cool Mist Outdoor Fan

Windchaser Windchill Cool Mist Outdoor Fan

Windchaser Windchill Cool Mist Outdoor Fan

We recently let you know about the Cool Mist Umbrella which is a great addition to the summer backyard experience if you have a patio table. What if you don't? Well there's a solution for you too! The Windchaser Windchill Cool Mist Outdoor Fan may look like your standard everyday oscillating fan, but when this one is connected to any standard garden hose, it circulates water to a four-nozzle misting head which releases refreshing mist, cooling up to 950 square feet while actually reducing the air temperature. Plus, it nearly eliminates surrounding flying insects, since they avoid wind and moisture. I suppose these fans could also be used in many other places besides just your patio like green houses, construction sites, sports, pet areas or anywhere you have hot people animals or plants.

Let us know in the Comments below how you plan to cool down this summer or if you own or have used of these cool misting fans.

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  • 16" veined tube axial oscillation misting fan
  • 90-degree oscillation covering 950 square feet
  • High velocity, 3-speed, shower-proof motor
  • Produces 40,000 BTUs of cooling power
  • Immersion shock protection
  • Solid state contruction
  • GFCI plug
  • UL rated for indoor and outdoor use
  • UV and rust resistant
  • 4-nozzle misting hub
  • Includes 4 extra nozzles
  • Adjustable to 56 inches high
  • 6-foot hose connection
  • Easily connects to a standard hose or spigot

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