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Socket Fan - Mini Screw-in Ceiling Fan and Light

Socket Fan - Mini Screw-in Ceiling Fan and Light

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How many people does it take to install a ceiling fan? Well, if you figured out how to screw in a lightbulb, just one. This cool new Socket Fan is a miniature ceiling fan and light that screws into any standard light socket. It features 3 fan speeds, 1000 lumens of super bright LED illumination with 3 brightness settings, and includes an extender for recessed light sockets and a handy remote control. It's perfect for garages, basements, workshops, bedrooms, bathrooms, home gyms, attics, or anywhere with a light socket that is in need of some cooling breeze. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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Desktop Evaporative Cooling Fan
Innovative indoor misting fan that delivers the cooling power of a 2,000 BTU air conditioner, reduces the air temperature in a 200 square foot room by as much as 15 degrees F and consumes less energy than a 100 watt light bulb!
Bed Fan - Personal Cooling System
When it's just too hot to sleep, now you can enjoy a cool refreshing breeze between the sheets and save on AC energy costs as well with this cool new Bed Fan.
Vornado Under Cabinet Air Circulator - Ultimate Kitchen Fan!
Installs underneath your kitchen cabinet and then flips down and pivots 360 degrees for circulation when and where you need it and then flips back up for for discreet storage with zero footprint.
Gervasoni Wind - Handwoven Wicker Fans
These exotic table and floor-standing fans are encased in handwoven dark pulut, which is Indonesian for rattan or wicker that doesn't restrict airflow.
Cooling, Heating, and USB Charging Backpack
This innovative backpack helps you stay cool on hot summer days, warm on freezing cold winter days, and keep all your mobile devices fully charged while you're out on the go. Plus, it's a handy backpack as well.
Minka Aire Gyro Wet - Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Retro-styled ceiling fan with two high performance twin turbo fan heads that gently rotate around to allow for complete air movement throughout a room
Palm Tree Patio Heater and Mister - Year Round Comfort!
Looking to keep cool during the spring/summers and keep warm in the fall/winter? Well, you need to check out the Palm Tree Patio Heater & Mister. Everyone has seen outdoor patio heaters that use propane tanks for heat, but not one disguised as a cool palm tree and definitely not one that can also hook to a garden hose to provide cooling mist in the summertime. If you really want an outdoor patio heater, this one will keep you comfortable year round all while reminding you of the tropics.
OTTO Sapele Wood Fan
This compact, powerful, and whisper-quiet industrial floor fan from Swiss designer Carlo Borer is crafted from natural, sustainably harvested African Sapele wood and high-grade stainless steel.
Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Cooling Shirt
At first glance, it may appear to be a nice regular short-sleeved button down shirt, but upon closer inspection, you'll notice that it has dual integrated fans on the back blowing in cool fresh air.

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Socket Fan - Mini Screw-in Ceiling Fan and Light
This massive lifesize statue of a fearsome and majestic lion has a large illuminated ring around its neck to light up the darkness... and scare off any intruders sneaking in after dark.
Socket Fan - Mini Screw-in Ceiling Fan and Light
I like the idea that if I turn on the faucet, the running water will light up bright blue. The new Faucet Light will bring bright blue excitement to your boring clear water.
Socket Fan - Mini Screw-in Ceiling Fan and Light
This double-take-inducing, battery-powered light bulb uses 100 tiny LEDs to recreate the filament look of a classic Edison incandescent bulb.
Socket Fan - Mini Screw-in Ceiling Fan and Light
This cool new UFO Night Kite from HENGDA KITE not only illuminates the darkness as you fly it at night, it also might trigger a wave of panicked flying saucer sightings all across your town.
A staked outdoor tiki torch light that recreates a realistic flickering flame within or remove the entire torch head and use it as a rustic tabletop lantern.
Socket Fan - Mini Screw-in Ceiling Fan and Light
You don't really need to have this cool new Pizza Slice Neon Sign hanging on your wall, but isn't everything a little better with a slice of pizza? Illumination is nice too, right?.
Socket Fan - Mini Screw-in Ceiling Fan and Light
It's hard to think of a light source as mundane as the naked bulb, but in a surprising twist, the Lamp/Lamp gives it a new and delightfully absurd personality by simply adding an extra socket.
Socket Fan - Mini Screw-in Ceiling Fan and Light
Just because te sun goes down doesn't mean you need to stop playing a little backyard baseball.
Socket Fan - Mini Screw-in Ceiling Fan and Light
These magical transparent PVC balloons have internal multicolor LEDs, inflate up to 15 inches, and include a long attachable stick.

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