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CoolMate Nanomister - Portable Misting Fan

CoolMate Nanomister - Portable Misting Fan

Regular fans just blow room temperature air around the room, but this cool new CoolMate Nanomister incorporates an ultrafine evaporative mist to effectively reduce temperatures in its path by up to 15 degrees instantly. This compact, portable, and energy efficient misting fan produces 5-6 hours of mist when its 6.75 oz tank is filled with pure distilled water and can be used indoors at your desk at work, in the kitchen on a hot day, bedside on hot summer nights, or even in the car using the included car adapter. Check out the video demo below to see it in action.


  • Compact, portable, and energy efficient misting fan
  • Reduces temperatures by up to 15°F instantly
  • Creates a constant, cool breeze
  • Patented misting head produces superfine mist
  • Tank holds 6.75 oz. of water, to produce 5-6 hours or mist
  • Recommended for indoor use or in vehicles
  • Includes car adapter for use on the road
  • For use with distilled water
  • Plugs into an AC outlet or auto cigarette lighter
  • Size: 6" L x 3.25" W x 8.5 H - 1.75 lbs

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