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Desktop Stone Stacking Kit

Desktop Stone Stacking Kit

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When you're stuck inside all day at your desk at work and you just can't take it anymore, simply bring out this cool new yet quite ancient-inspired Stone Stacking Kit. This miniature stone stacking kit lets you practice the calming art of stone stacking right at your desk or anywhere you may need to find serenity, inner peace, zen, tranquility, harmony, and balance with the universe. Just fill the beechwood tray from the included bag of sand and begin to stack the 9 smooth hematite stones anyway you wish. By the time you finish placing the final stone on your temporary natural tower, you should feel much calmer and right as rain. Now, if you can stack the stones blindfolded using only the power of your mind instead of your hands, well, that's even better. It also makes a great rock cairn navigational marker in case you get easily lost at work.

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Desktop Stone Stacking Kit
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Desktop Stone Stacking Kit
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Desktop Stone Stacking Kit
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Desktop Stone Stacking Kit
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Desktop Stone Stacking Kit
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Desktop Stone Stacking Kit
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Desktop Stone Stacking Kit
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Desktop Stone Stacking Kit
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Desktop Stone Stacking Kit
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