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Father's Day Polo Shirt Cake

Father's Day Polo Shirt Cake

Father's Day Polo Shirt Cake

Celebrate Father's Day this year by surprising him with a cake, his favorite shirt, and a few extra pounds on his dad bod with this cool new Father's Day Polo Shirt Cake from the We Take the Cake bakery in Florida. This fun cake is shaped and decorated to look just like a sporty blue polo shirt complete with a Happy Father's Day tag in the shirt collar. It features four alternating layers of moist chocolate cake and golden butter cake, chocolate cream cheese frosting in between the layers, and is draped in a blue-tinted vanilla buttercream with hand-applied fondant shirt details. Now, if your dad drops a piece of this polo shirt cake on his actual polo shirt, don't worry, that's perfectly normal and expected. It brushes off easily with a necktie gift.

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