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Beer Hoodie - Sweatshirt With Beer Pouch

Beer Hoodie - Sweatshirt With Beer Pouch

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When the weather gets cool and crisp and you'll be standing around drinking beers in it, the cool new Beer Hoodie is the solution. This traditional-looking hoodie sweathirt has front pockets to keep your hands warm and an ingenious elastic insulated pocket to keep your beer cold. The perfect way to carry your beer handsfree while tailgating, fishing, camping, or just around the bonfire.

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Beer Hoodie - Sweatshirt With Beer Pouch
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Beer Hoodie - Sweatshirt With Beer Pouch
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Beer Hoodie - Sweatshirt With Beer Pouch
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Beer Hoodie - Sweatshirt With Beer Pouch
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Beer Hoodie - Sweatshirt With Beer Pouch
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Beer Hoodie - Sweatshirt With Beer Pouch
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Beer Hoodie - Sweatshirt With Beer Pouch
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Beer Hoodie - Sweatshirt With Beer Pouch
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Beer Hoodie - Sweatshirt With Beer Pouch
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