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Bamboo Dry Erase Board

Bamboo Dry Erase Board

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I always have a small notepad handy for jotting down ideas, to-dos, reminders, notes, etc., but I'd rather have one of these cool new Bamboo Dry Erase Boards instead. Rather than wasting endless paper, these sustainable and stylish bamboo tablets have a unique dry-erase surface that can be used over and over again. They feature a removable stand for portability, a convenient nook to hold the included marker and can be erased easily with a dry eraser or a dry or damp cloth. The only downside is that it doesn't fold up into your pocket when used as a grocery list.

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Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet
Innovative pressure sensitive LCD writing surface alternative to notepads, sketchbooks, sticky notes, dry erase boards and more!
Ototo Marshmallow - Campfire Roasting Stick Pencil and Eraser
Somewhere in between the feather dipped in ink and the traditional #2 pencil, I imagine the writing utensil of the time might look something like this whimsically rustic pencil shaped like a wooden tree branch / campfire roasting stick.
Fathead Dry Erase Wall Graphic
These unique dry erase sheets can be easily stuck on any smooth flat surface and then moved and reused over and over again without damaging the walls. They basically make walls useful.
Drumstick Pencils
Fulfill the rockstar dreams of children and adults everywhere, who can't seem to stop themselves from performing drum solos every single time they pick up a writing instrument.
Sharpie Liquid Pencil
This revolutionary pencil uses liquid graphite that writes as smoothly as a pen, erases like a pencil and becomes permanent like a Sharpie Marker after about three days!
Leaf-It Bookmark Post-Its
Whether you just need to jot down a note or remember where you left off in a book, just pluck one of these leaf-shaped sticky notes from the branch.
A Tiny Diary for Tiny Thoughts
This ultra-tiny felt-covered hardbound pocket journal features 112 gilded-edge pages awaiting your most profound thoughts.
AquaNotes - Waterproof Notepad
A handy waterproof notepad and pencil set that suction cups to the wall in your shower for jotting down great ideas, making lists, drawing sketches, and more.
Carpenter's Pencil With Built-In Bubble Level
In carpentry, one is always using a pencil to mark something and a bubble / spirit level to see if it's straight and true and this ingenious pencil smartly combines both in one.

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Bamboo Dry Erase Board
Paperweight that looks exactly like an architect's failed blueprint plans all crumpled up.
Bamboo Dry Erase Board
Use to measure angles with digital accuracy and/or draw lines at specific angles.
Bamboo Dry Erase Board
This stunning desk is handcrafted from maple with a natural live edge and double-take-inducing foamy resin waves washing up on the wooden shore.
Bamboo Dry Erase Board
This rugged desktop stress relieving speed bag is made by Everlast, the outfitter of champions since 1910, and easily attaches to any smooth surface like your desk, cubicle wall or window with a strong suction cup.
Bamboo Dry Erase Board
Sleek Bluetooth wireless handset, speakerphone, and charging dock for iPhones!
Bamboo Dry Erase Board
These stylish and durable bamboo chair mats are made from 100% Moso bamboo that's been sustainably harvested from Asia's Anji Mountains and conveniently roll up when not in use.
Bamboo Dry Erase Board
Creepy push pins disguised as realistic giant ants and mosquitoes.
Bamboo Dry Erase Board
No-nonsense, heavy-duty paper shredder eliminates the hassle of manual paper insertion by automatically feeding up to 100 sheets into its level 3 security cross-cutting blades!
Bamboo Dry Erase Board
This clever gizmo transforms a modern iPhone into a comfortable, old-fashioned cordless handset phone!

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