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USB Rocket Launcher - Fires Nearly 20 Feet!

USB Rocket Launcher - Fires Nearly 20 Feet!

I thought I had the ultimate in office warfare armaments with the awesome USB Missile Launcher, but there has been a major upgrade! Check out the all new USB Rocket Launcher! Encased in a much more lethal design and now capable of firing foam rockets around the office up to 20 feet away, you can declare war and conquer more co-workers with this much-improved range. Once again simply plug-in the USB Rocket Launcher into your PC, install the guidance software and from the comfort of your desk and with a few clicks of the mouse, unleash foam hell! This should keep you in absolute control of the office coffee pot until they release the inevitable USB Foam Daisy Cutters one day.


  • Plugs directly into your USB port.
  • Three foam rockets included.
  • A software CD that allows the control panel to appear on your computer screen
  • 360 degree horizontal rotation and 45 degree vertical rotation
  • Fires over 6 meters, coverage for over 113 square feet of your workspace
  • Rocket launching sound effects

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