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Quirky Align - Stapler With Detachable Base

Quirky Align - Stapler With Detachable Base

A regular stapler is limited by its length, but this cool new Quirky Align is an innovative stapler with a convenient, detachable base to help staple those hard to reach spots. It can either be used like a regular stapler or the magnetic base and stapler can be separated when needed. When not in use, the magnet can be used to store it on a metal filing cabinet, refrigerator door, and more. Good idea.


  • Convenient stapler with a detachable base to help get to those hard to reach spots
  • Separate the magnetic base and place it under materials of any size, from posters to sheets of cardboard
  • Magnets keepĀ both halves aligned in normal mode
  • Can be stuck to a magnetized chalkboard, whiteboard, or file cabinet

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