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USB Missile Launcher - Computer Controlled Desktop Warfare!

USB Missile Launcher - Computer Controlled Desktop Warfare!

Nothing does more for worker morale or makes break time more enjoyable than pure desktop firepower! The USB Missile Launcher is quite simply the coolest thing you will ever get for your desk at work...EVER! Simply plug it into your PC via USB, install the "guidance" software and you're all set for cubicle war. Aim your missiles, press the big red button onscreen and it launches one by one, three spring loaded foam missiles with realistic sound effects up to 8 feet away! The missile launcher can pivot 180 degrees horizontally and 45 degrees vertically using the included software to pinpoint your enemy. Defend your cube from dictator bosses, lunatic happy co-workers, the annoying, the hard-working and all who challenge your supreme authority. I think I need two of them!

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