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Under the Desk Flat Panel Heater

Under the Desk Flat Panel Heater

Under the Desk Flat Panel Heater

This winter, when you feel the chill on your legs and feet under the desk, forget turning up the thermostat or dragging in some bulky, dangerous, and energy-wasting space heater and warm yourself up discreetly with this cool new Under the Desk Flat Panel Heater from Japan. This ultra slim, flat panel heater attaches under a desk with screws or magnetically sticks to the side of a metal filing cabinet or drawer and warms up to 130 degrees F in just minutes. It features a handy timer that can be set between 1 and 7 hours, automatically shuts off after 8 hours for extra safety, and has such a thin profile that it can be used in other places too. Just be prepared to share it with the office cat though. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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  • A personal flat panel heater that you can place under a desk, table, or the side of a wall, drawer, or cabinet with magnets or screws/nails
  • Ensures your lower body never gets chilly even during long work hours in colder times of the year
  • Strong magnets are installed at the four corners on the bottom
  • Maximum surface temperature: Approximately 130 degrees F
  • Timer: 1-7 hours
  • Even if it is ON, it will automatically turn OFF after 8 hours
  • With built-in thermostat, temperature fuse
  • The thin and simple design makes it easy to use in size and shape
  • Automatically turns off when the maximum surface temperature reaches 131 degrees F or higher
  • Panel heater made of heat-resistant fiber material
  • Size: 15" x 13" x 1.4"

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