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Desktop Punching Bag

Desktop Punching Bag

Desktop Punching Bag

When a silly stress ball just isn't going to cut it, unleash your rage, anger, and utter frustration in a more satisfying and less destructive way by giving this cool new Desktop Punching Bag an old-fashioned pounding. This miniature inflatable punching bag is made of heavy duty materials to take some serious blows, a durable, resilient spring to endlessly bounce it back for more and more punishment, and a suction cup base to keep it from flying across the office. It's perfect for employees, bosses, customer waiting rooms, break rooms, or anywhere you need some serious stress relief, all while getting in a quick cardio workout.

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  • Mini punching bag desk toy can attach to any surface to give you instant stress relief
  • Stress Relieving Desktop Punching Ball is here to heed the call and help you relieve your stress at home or at work
  • Heavy duty spring bounces the punching boxing stress ball back every time you hit it so that you can keep going until you're calm
  • No matter how long you need to vent, this desk punching bag stress relief toy can take the heat over and over and relief your anxiety
  • Includes air pump to ensure that the ball is always inflated and ready for action
  • Size: 13.5" T x 7" W

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