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GardenGlide Transporter

GardenGlide Transporter

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When it comes to hauling around heavy, bulky items around, don't break your back trying to lift them or tear up the lawn with awkward wheelbarrows when you can simply pull it all around with ease using this cool new GardenGlide Transporter from A.M. Leonard. This versatile hauling tool allows you to smoothly move up to 200 pounds of bagged materials, rocks, pavers, firewood, potted plants, balled and burlapped shrubs and trees, sod, and so much more over grass, concrete, brick, dirt, gravel, and other surfaces without scratching or marring them. The easy-to-load, low-profile disc design and long rope and handle allows you to safely use the strength of your legs to pull it rather than your poor aching back and its raised edge prevents items from falling off in transport. It's perfect for yardwork, gardening, landscaping, camping, the beach, masonry, job sites, and so much more. Best of all, it's compact design is easy to store when not in use and it's made in the USA. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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GardenGlide Transporter
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GardenGlide Transporter
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