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Dead On Annihilator - Ultimate Wrecking Bar

Dead On Annihilator - Ultimate Wrecking Bar

When you wield the cool new Dead On Annihilator, you will be swinging the baddest, meanest utility/wrecking bar ever made. This sinister 18" ultimate wrecking bar can help you to either build something up or completely destroy it. It features a Demolition Hammer, Nail Puller, Tile Ripper, Board Straightener, Demolition Axe, a Wrench, a Chisel, and best of all, a built-in bottle opener for celebrating when the job's done! What won't you attempt to destroy with this tool of utter destruction?


  • The baddest, meanest utility/wrecking bar ever made
  • Demolition Hammer: use for breaking down hard surfaces, as well as other general hammer uses
  • Nail Puller and Tile Ripper: pull nails and get underneath tile to rip it up
  • Board Straightener: adjusts board into proper positions before tacking
  • Demolition Axe: rip through dry wall, wood slots, shingles and strip conduit
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Wrench and chisel
  • Size: 5.5" x 1.2" x 18" - 3.7 lbs

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