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Mr. Ghost - iPhone EMF Detector

Mr. Ghost - iPhone EMF Detector

Mr. Ghost - iPhone EMF Detector

Do you ever sense a presence in your home when no one is around? That energy fluctuation you're detecting could be a fearsome poltergeist trying to manifest itself back into this world, electromagnetic radiation coming from an electronic device, or a combination of ghosts messing with your electronic devices, like televisions. If you had a PKE(Psycho Kinetic Energy) meter like the Ghostbusters did, detecting paranormal activity would be simple, but until that gets invented, you can just use this cool new Mr. Ghost EMF Detector for iPhone.

Just plug the Mr. Ghost EMF antenna into the headphone jack of your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, download the free app, and start detecting the electromagnetic radiation levels around your house. If you end up ruling out all the light switches, TVs, fluorescent lights, speaker wires, appliances, etc from being the high EMF source, you've probably got a paranormal problem.

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