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360 Degree Rotating Electrical Outlets

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360 Degree Rotating Electrical Outlets

I hate power outlets. I always find that I need to plug two things in and one is a giant brick transformer plug that plugs in across the other plug. What to do? Well, if I had my way, electricians would be installing 360-Degree Rotating Outlets everywhere ASAP! These cool electrical outlets with screwless wall plates, let you twist and turn with 18 unique "click and hold" positions for each receptacle up to 360°. You'll always find the perfect fit when plugging devices in from now on.

Why has this not been thought of until now? I can't be the only one who has ever complained.


  • Rated: 15A, 125V
  • UL Listed design
  • Receptacles "click and hold" in 18 unique positions
  • Decorative screwless wall plate included
  • Installation is easy - Fits standard, single gang boxes
  • Back-wired for speed and accessibility
  • Labels are imprinted on the back of each outlet for hot, neutral and ground connections

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