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RotoShovel - Handheld Automatic Shovel and Auger

RotoShovel - Handheld Automatic Shovel and Auger

RotoShovel - Handheld Automatic Shovel and Auger

This spring, save time, effort, and your back when planting flowers and shrubs around your home by automatically digging perfect planting holes with ease using this cool new RotoShovel. This battery-powered automatic shovel and auger quickly digs perfect holes 3" in diameter by 10" deep up to 3X faster than using a manual garden spade. It features a hassle-free brushless motor, a rechargeable 2 hour battery, a kickback free design, and it automatically stops when hitting rocks and roots. It's perfect for gardening, landscaping (it digs trenches too!), campsites, the beach, burying nuts in the backyard for winter, or just anytime you need to dig a hole without exerting any effort. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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  • Automatic shovel for planting and gardening
  • Dig holes 3x faster than a garden spade
  • All-in-one function includes digging and scooping capabilities for easy gardening and planting of flowers and shrubs
  • Digs holes up to 10" deep x 3" diameter
  • Built from high-quality metal for long lasting durability
  • Kickback free
  • Automatically stops when hitting a rock or root
  • 2-hour 12 volt battery
  • Brushless motor for a hassle-free experience

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