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Monarch Butterfly Attracting Sanctuary

Monarch Butterfly Attracting Sanctuary

Transform a small section of your backyard or patio into a magical habitat for majestic Monarch butterflies with this cool new Monarch Migration Station. This compact greenhouse not only acts as a nursery for Monarch butterfly larvae to hatch, crawl, cocoon, and transform into butterflies, it also doubles as a safe sanctuary away from predators as they feast upon the included raised planter bed with a seed mat of nectar plants and milkweed. It features a transparent PVC roof that lets in sunlight while blocking UV rays, nylon walls with polyester netting, and round openings that allow the butterflies to come and go as they please. A fun way to get out of the house and enjoy nature for both kids and adults alike.


  • Greenhouse that creates a backyard paradise for monarch butterflies
  • Acts as a nursery by creating an ideal environment for laying eggs
  • Functions as a sanctuary with walls that keep out predators such as robins and cardinals
  • Raised garden bed comes with a mat of seeds for growing nectar plants and milkweed - an essential food for monarch larvae
  • Transparent PVC roof that lets in sunlight while blocking UV rays
  • Nylon walls that have polyester netting
  • Round openings to allow butterflies in and out
  • Can be installed on a lawn or on hard surfaces such as rooftops, patios, or decks
  • Made from recycled plastic and sustainable hardwood fibers
  • Size: 4' L x 4' W x 6' H

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