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Teardrop Hanging Terrariums

Teardrop Hanging Terrariums

Teardrop Hanging Terrariums

These cool new Teardrop Hanging Terrariums are made from hand blown recycled glass in the shape of a teardrop with nothing but a knotted sisal rope holding them up. They're perfect for displaying super easy to care for succulents, air plants, and floating flowers, have a 3" opening to insert plants and provide care and come in two sizes with 8' of sisal rope for hanging from beams or hooks indoors or out.

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  • Teardrop terrarium made from blown glass with high recycled content
  • Perfect for air plants, floating flowers and succulents
  • Three-inch front opening allows for easy plant insertion and maintenance
  • Hang outdoors or inside as living art by fastening the sisal rope to a beam or hook
  • Size Small: 7-8" Diameter x 12-13" H - Rope 8' L
  • Size Large: 7-8" Diameter x 15-16" H - Rope 8' L

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