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DewPlanter - Water Generating Planter

DewPlanter - Water Generating Planter

DewPlanter - Water Generating Planter

If you love self-watering planters that make it simple to ensure that your favorite plants get the proper amount of water they need, but tire of refilling the reservoir with water, then check out this cool new DewPlanter. This innovative self-watering planter not only provides plants with the right amount of water needed, it also generates its own clean, filtered water by condensing moisture in the air just like a dehumidifier does. Actually, it also doubles as a dehumidifier in small humid rooms like the bathroom as well and features adjustable water level settings and low energy usage. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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  • Creates clean, filtered water for your plants through condensation using moisture in the air
  • Provides your plants with just the right amount of water everyday
  • Self-watering capabilities work great for almost any plant
  • Level of water generated can be adjusted
  • Dehumidifier - can help lower indoor humidity levels in a small, humid spaces such as a bathroom
  • The max water output is 10 oz per day if run for 24 hours
  • Settings for being on from as low as 2 Hr/day to 24 hr/day, or even once a week
  • Uses energy efficient technology with a power rating of 22.5W
  • Planting Area: 6" x 6.5" x 5.5"
  • Size: 10.6" x 6.5" x 5.5"

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