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Three-Tier Harvest Basket Planter Stand

Three-Tier Harvest Basket Planter Stand

Three-Tier Harvest Basket Planter Stand

Looking for a unique new way to put your flowers or herbs on display around the outside of your home? This cool new Three-Tier Harvest Basket Planter Stand is a rustic planter with three tiers of planting space inside burlap-lined steel baskets that are conveniently angled for easy viewing, harvesting, watering, and ensuring the flowers and plants get enough sunlight and air circulation. Each planter has a durable steel frame, plastic liners in the burlap to help retain water along with a drainage hole at the bottom, and they can also double as handy storage baskets indoors as an organizer in the kitchen, workshop, garage, office, bathroom, and more.

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  • Bring rustic charm and display lovely flowers to your garden, deck, or patio
  • Durable, steel stand holds three square planter baskets
  • Each basket angles slightly for easy viewing, harvesting, and ensuring your plants receive plenty of sunlight and air circulation
  • Burlap liners in each basket keep soil tidy
  • Burlap has a plastic liner inside to help retain water
  • Hole at the bottom provides drainage
  • Electrostatic powder coat for added rust resistance
  • Baskets double as garden tool holder, mail sorter, or organizer for kitchen, office, bathroom, and more
  • Basket Size: 9.5" H x 11" W x 11" D
  • Stand Size: 14.5" L x 11" W x 44" H

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