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Plant Eating Brontosaurus Metal Lawn Sculptures

Plant Eating Brontosaurus Metal Lawn Sculptures

These cool new Brontosaurus Lawn Sculptures from metal artist Chris Crooks are double-take-inducing metal sculptures of plant-eating Brontosauruses who seem to be using their long necks to reach up and munch on your bushes. These prehistoric sculptural herbivores are handcrafted in Arizona from age-accelerated cold rolled steel to give them a bright rusty patina, include built-in ground stakes, and come in two sizes, a mother and a baby facing opposite directions. If you prefer your bushes to be eaten by long necked wildlife from the modern age, giraffe sculptures are also available.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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  • Designer: Metal artist Chris Crooks
  • These long-necked metal Brontosaurus lawn sculptures look like they're munching on your bushes or leaves
  • Materials: 16 gauge crs steel
  • Age-accelerated to create a bright, ruddy, rust patina
  • Patina will darken over time
  • Details like faces and a spines make these prehistoric lawn pets stand out
  • Two sizes, mother and baby, that face opposite directions
  • Each has a built-in ground stake
  • Also available as long necked giraffe sculptures as well
  • Handcrafted in Arizona, USA
  • Size Small: 30" L x 3" W x 34" H
  • Size Large: 40" L x 4" W x 43" H

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