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Handcrafted Grapevine Dragon Statue

Handcrafted Grapevine Dragon Statue

Handcrafted Grapevine Dragon Statue

Handwoven from real grapevines over a metal wire frame, this cool new Grapevine Dragon Statue is sure to draw attention when guarding your home's indoor wine cellar or watching over your estate's vineyard... or something in between. Best of all, this whimsical winged dragon won't incinerate your entire neighborhood with fire every time someone shouts, "Dracarys!"

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  • Real grapevines are hand-woven in exquisite detail over a metal wire frame
  • Large and sturdy enough for long-lasting outdoor decoration
  • Whimsical and mythical dragon who looks like he might take off and fly
  • Size: 42.75" L x 23" W x 37.5" H

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