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Premium Drink Safe Copper Garden Hose

Premium Drink Safe Copper Garden Hose

Premium Drink Safe Copper Garden Hose

Tired of looking at that hideous knotted up old green garden hose? Then upgrade to this cool new Premium Copper Garden Hose. At first glance, it may look like a luxurious copper coil, but it's actually a heavy duty yet ultralight garden hose made from 100% FDA medical-grade raw polyurethane that's rated high enough to safely drink from on hot summer days. It's designed to never break or crack, will remain flexible even in extreme temperatures, and implements special strain reliefs to prevent kinking at the ends. It features commercial-grade chrome-plate brass fittings, 500-psi burst strength, 4-5 gallon per minute flow rate, and is made in the USA. I don't know about you, but as far as garden hoses go, I'm kinda impressed and it looks decorative too. Available in 50' or 100' sizes.

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  • 100% FDA medical-grade ultra-light polyurethane that's raw rather than recycled
  • Hose won't break or crack and remains flexible in extreme temperature
  • Meets NSF Standard 61 - you can even drink from it on hot, humid days
  • Special strain reliefs prevent kinking at the ends for hassle-free use
  • Commercial-grade chrome-plate brass fittings
  • 500-psi burst strength
  • 4-5 gallon per minute flow rate
  • 1/2" inside diameter
  • Copper color
  • Available in 50' or 100' sizes
  • Made in the USA

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