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Decorative Peeing Dog Topiary

Decorative Peeing Dog Topiary

Decorative Peeing Dog Topiary

Let's face it, the tacky lawn ornaments, annoying garden gnomes, unfashionable concrete geese, and utterly boring traditional topiaries just aren't getting the conversation started around your home anymore, but this cool new Peabody Faux Boxwood Garden Dog should ensure at least a few double takes. This artificial yet highly realistic topiary depicts a little dog hiking it's leg in the air and taking a faux whiz. Perfect for placing in the garden next to a vegetable plant, next to a tree or fence, or, especially, next to a garden gnome. Wherever you choose to place it, it's a fun way to show that you really don't take your home's landscaping and outdoor decor all that seriously.

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  • Small dog topiary crafted from realistic faux greenery
  • Distinctive silhouette captures the look of an actual canine perfectly
  • Greenery appears lush and lifelike, but requires no maintenance
  • Long-lasting, man-made materials on a sturdy wire frame
  • Peabody's begging for the praise from guests, at your home
  • Size: 31" L x 19" W x 26" H - 7 lbs

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