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Rolling Water Wagon

Rolling Water Wagon

Rolling Water Wagon

The cool new Hudson Rolling Water Wagon lets you easily water and fertilize hard-to-reach gardens, plants and more all around your lawn. Rather than lugging and connecting hoses or carrying heavy buckets around, this innovative and easy to maneuver rolling cart has a large built-in 3-gallon tank that travels with you. It features a perfectly balanced handle, wide-mounted wheels and a trigger-activated wand that delivers a gentle shower, ideal for fertilizing, pest control and light watering. Great solution.

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  • Nourish hard-to-reach garden beds
  • Large 3-Gallon Tank
  • Trigger-activated wand delivers a gentle shower
  • Perfectly balanced handle and wide-mounted wheels
  • No hoses to lug, no open containers to spill
  • Perfect for fertilizing, pest control and light watering
  • Size: 14" x 22" H

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