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Grass Soda

Grass Soda

Grass Soda

After a long afternoon of mowing the lawn in the hot summer sun, nothing sounds more refreshing than an ice cold bottle of this cool new Grass Soda. Yep, this unique bottle of fizzy soda pop tastes like freshly mowed grass, which probably tastes like what it smells like, and finishes with a slightly sweet aftertaste. It's even green! A disturbing yet super fun soda for kids, cows, goats, or anyone else who might love the taste of grass in bottle form. I think it also might make a good cocktail mixer in some crazy alcoholic concoction.

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  • A unique sweet drink flavored like fresh-cut grass
  • Satisfy your thirst and your curiosity and sip on the sweet taste of Grass Soda
  • A carbonated concoction inspired by the taste of grass clippings that pushes soda sampling to the limits
  • An herbal overtone and sweet finish
  • Made with pure cane sugar
  • Made in the USA
  • 12 fl. oz

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