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Wizard's Brew Purple Hot Chocolate Potion

Wizard's Brew Purple Hot Chocolate Potion

Wizard's Brew Purple Hot Chocolate Potion


While not quite as disturbing and scary as the festive and Christmasy Snowman Hot Chocolate Mix, this cool new Wizard's Brew Purple Hot Chocolate is the perfect spooky brew for the Halloween season. Just scoop some of the pale white powder from the cauldron into hot water, stir it up a bit, and like magic it turns into a colorful purple hot chocolate potion. Perfect for little wizards and witches alike and is best served in the equally cool Witch Cauldron Mug.

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  • After a hard day of casting spells and wielding powerful wands, wizards typically wind down by cozying up with a mug of Wizard Brew Hot ChocolateIt has
  • All the fantastic flavor you'd expect from a hot chocolate, but it's purple!
  • Scoop your dry mixture out of the cauldron and drop the pale powder into hot but not boiling water, and it magically turns violet
  • Made in the USA
  • Chocolate-flavored drink powder that's purple
  • Light powder turns purple when you add water
  • Made with natural and artificial flavors
  • 10 oz - Each cauldron contains 8 servings
  • Size: 3" x 4.5" Diameter

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