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Yellow Mustard Flavored Soda

Yellow Mustard Flavored Soda

Yellow Mustard Flavored Soda

Finally, the perfect soda to sip on while eating a hot dog or a Bavarian pretzel is here. This cool new yet quite disturbing Lester's Fixins Mustard Soda tastes just like what you think a soda flavored like yellow mustard might taste like. Mustard. This condiment inspired soda pop is made in the USA from pure cane sugar and has a refreshing and effervescent complex flavor that's tangy, sour, sweet, and very reminiscent of yellow mustard. It's perfect for thirsty yellow mustard lovers, dares, social media tasting videos, washing away the flavor from the Jones Soda Turkey and Gravy Soda. Check out the video below to see some reactions to tasting it. 🌭

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  • Mustard-flavored soda pop
  • Each bottle, sweetened with pure cane sugar, is filled with effervescent and complex tangy, sour, and sweet flavors
  • The taste is so oddly accurate, you might find yourselves dipping your Bavarian pretzel in it
  • Made with pure cane sugar
  • Volume: 12 oz
  • Made in the USA

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