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Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce w/ Bullet

Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce w/ Bullet

Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce w/ Bullet

If you enjoy breathing fire and experiencing insufferable pain and discomfort for hours in some insane quest to experience the ultimate in spicy condiment firepower, then you need to reach for a bottle of this Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce. This all-natural hot sauce claims to be one of the world's hottest since it's carefully made with mouth-searing 6 million Scoville pepper extract, Habanero peppers and 160,000 Scoville cayenne peppers, that settles out to a blistering 750,000 Scoville units in pure heat. What makes this hot sauce extra cool and unique is the golden bullet hanging from the bottle that pulls apart to reveal a miniscule tasting spoon. Just a tiny dab of this stuff will be more than most can handle, so this 5 oz bottle should last you a lifetime... well, if you survive.

WARNING: This hot sauce should be used with caution and handled with care!

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