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Chilly - World's Spiciest Ghost Pepper Toothpaste!

Chilly - World's Spiciest Ghost Pepper Toothpaste!

Chilly - World's Spiciest Ghost Pepper Toothpaste!

Wish that the flavor of your boring old toothpaste was way more exciting? This cool new yet quite hot Chilly - World's Spiciest Toothpaste is an exhilarating natural toothpaste that combines the intense spicy heat of ghost pepper flakes, the bold icy flavor of spearmint, and 2X the menthol of a standard toothpaste. It's basically like brushing with fire and ice. It's made in the USA from natural and Vegan-friendly ingredients, provides 10X longer lasting fresh breath than typical toothpastes, and is perfect for hot sauce lovers, tired people who hate mornings, fully awake morning people who want an even bigger boost before taking on the day, those who love pain, social media challenges, and mischievous pranks.

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  • Spicy toothpaste with a bold spearmint flavor and 2x the menthol for an intense, fire and ice, brushing experience
  • Natural, vegan-friendly toothpaste
  • Every nurdle of Chilly contains hundreds of ghost pepper flakes for just the right amount of fire
  • Chilly combines natural spearmint oil, xylitol and menthol to kill bad breath causing bacteria
  • Designed to protect enamel, whiten teeth and provide longer lasting fresh breath
  • Provides 10x longer lasting fresh breath than typical whitening toothpaste
  • Free from SLS, triclosan, sulfates, gluten, parabens, sugar, phthalates and artificial flavors, colors, and dyes
  • Lift stains and fights plaque build-up
  • Two whitening minerals to gently scrub away plaque and tartar, and go beyond the surface to lift deep stains
  • Made in the USA

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