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TUNG Brush - Licks Bad Breath and Tongue Gunk!

TUNG Brush - Licks Bad Breath and Tongue Gunk!

TUNG Brush - Licks Bad Breath and Tongue Gunk!

According to clinical research, one of the leading causes of bad breath are the odor-causing bacteria that hide on your tongue amidst the vast tiny crevices, nooks & crannies and taste buds. Well, since there are dedicated brushes for cleaning all other parts of the body, the tongue finally has one too, the TUNG Brush!

The TUNG Brush was designed to be the perfect brush to use on your tongue to effectively remove nasty bacteria and disgusting "tongue gunk". It uses short and soft bristles on a wider circular shaped head to outperform other types of brushes & scrapers, prevent gagging and achieve greater coverage. It also has a uniquely shaded handle that fits in your hand perfectly and helps you to reach all areas of your tongue, including the back of it where the most vile of this bacteria hides. You can use toothpaste if you would like or you can use Tung Gel, which works better than standard toothpaste because it also helps loosen plaque from the tongue and uses Zinc to neutralize bad breath.

In addition to regular dental checkups, proper brushing, flossing and rinsing, this really is a cool new weapon to have in your arsenal against bad breath. Let us know in the Comments if you have ever brushed your tongue before.

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