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Reusable Self-Closing Toothpaste Caps

Reusable Self-Closing Toothpaste Caps

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Until someone smarter than all of us decides to redesign the average toothpaste tube from the ground up to eliminate the annoying screw-on caps that always seem to roll off somewhere on their own and the disgusting, dried toothpaste build-up on the end that you always think you can squeeze just a bit more past, but can't, there's these cool new SqueezMe - Self-Closing Toothpaste Caps. Just let your current toothpaste cap roll off on its own or recycle it before it gets the chance to flee and then slip this reusable silicone cap onto the tube, squeeze to cleanly dispense just the right amount, and enjoy knowing it has already self-closed and wants to be placed back in the drawer. It's perfect for little kids who like to help the toothpaste caps escape or just about anyone struggling with these obnoxious, disappearing toothpaste caps. There must be thousands of toothpaste caps secretly hiding somewhere in my house... maybe more.

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Live Green Moss Bath Mat
A bathmat topped with real living green moss that feeds on water droplets every time you step out of the shower, plus it's like stepping barefoot into nature.
Miller Lite Beernaments - Six Pack of Christmas Ornaments / Beer Can Holders
A limited edition six pack of festive hangable ornaments that each hold a regular 12 oz can of beer... which you supply. 'tis Miller Time!
Luminous Green Glow Bath Bomb
This fun bath bomb unleashes a magical green color and a fragrant honeydew scent as it fizzes away to expose a bright light cube hidden in the center.
Shark Attack Bath Bomb - Turns Your Tub Into a Bloodbath!
Just when you thought it was safe to get into the bathtub, this cool new Shark Bath Bomb appears and turns the water into a disturbing yet quite relaxing fizzy bloodbath feeding frenzy.
Dark Like My Heart Black Charcoal Bath Bombs
These black charcoal bath bombs transform the water into a fizzy, murky blackness that will swallow up and soothe your dark mood.
Mollaspace Ceramic Tissue Case with Wooden Lid
This stylish tissue box is made from smooth ceramic with a slotted wooden lid on top that allows the tissues to be dispensed out through.
Hair Drying Gloves
After a shower, slip on these cool new Hair Drying Gloves and run your hands all through your wet hair to dry it twice as fast as a cotton towel and reduce any blow drying afterward if needed.
Kountry Krystal Canning Jar Soap Dispenser
Perfect for dispensing soaps or lotions in your bathroom or outhouse and can even be used with BBQ sauce and more at your next cookout.
Nepia Luxury Tissues From Japan
Stop blowing your nose into cheap, rough tissues and upgrade the experience into something more soothing and luxurious with these tissues from Japan.

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Reusable Self-Closing Toothpaste Caps
Re-invents the simple trash can into a modern touch-free waste receptacle that uses high-tech multi-sense touch-free technology to automatically adapt to your tasks and sync with your needs!
Reusable Self-Closing Toothpaste Caps
It's like a giant dustpan for hauling leaves away!
Reusable Self-Closing Toothpaste Caps
I don't think anyone likes mopping floors, but it appears that robots do! iRobot, maker of the cool robot vaccuum Roomba, have developed the perfectly named Scooba - Floor Washing Robot.
Reusable Self-Closing Toothpaste Caps
A bristle-free grill brush that uses stainless steel coils and flexible silicone to deep clean hot or cold grates without leaving dangerous wire pieces behind.
Reusable Self-Closing Toothpaste Caps
After a bacon feast, now you can wash your hands, yet keep that mouth-watering scent of sizzling morning pork on your hands with this bacon-scented hand sanitizer.
Reusable Self-Closing Toothpaste Caps
This oversized dustpan is designed for patios, yards, workshops, garages, driveways, or anywhere you may be sweeping up huge piles of debris.
Reusable Self-Closing Toothpaste Caps
It's not meant to make soil, it's designed to save landfill space by digesting all of your food waste into water, CO2 and a small amount of residue!
Reusable Self-Closing Toothpaste Caps
A stainless steel bar of soap that removes any odor including garlic, onions, fish, and more when you rub it between your hands under running water.
Reusable Self-Closing Toothpaste Caps
Set this microfiber furball on a dusty hardwood floor and it automatically rolls around and cleans it for up to 3 hours.

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