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Kitchen Stand Mixer Skirt / Splash Guard

Kitchen Stand Mixer Skirt / Splash Guard

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If you love baking way more than cleaning, then check out this cool new Address The Mess Mixer Skirt from creator / cookier Casey Macalush. This convenient, reusable skirt acts like a splash guard around the top of most kitchen stand mixers to ensure that the wet or dry baking ingredients stay in the mixing bowl and not all over you, the counters, and/or the rest of the kitchen. The skirt is made from 100% cotton, has an elastic band with an inner silicone strip and adjustable snap closures to snugly secure around the mixer, and, unlike using plastic wrap, is fully reusable and machine-washable. It also makes your stand mixer easily the most fashionable among the rest of the rather unstylish small appliances in the kitchen.

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Kitchen Stand Mixer Skirt / Splash Guard
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Kitchen Stand Mixer Skirt / Splash Guard
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Kitchen Stand Mixer Skirt / Splash Guard
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Kitchen Stand Mixer Skirt / Splash Guard
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Kitchen Stand Mixer Skirt / Splash Guard
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Kitchen Stand Mixer Skirt / Splash Guard
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Kitchen Stand Mixer Skirt / Splash Guard
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Kitchen Stand Mixer Skirt / Splash Guard
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Kitchen Stand Mixer Skirt / Splash Guard
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