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Meatball Tongs

Meatball Tongs

Meatball Tongs

Planning on a making a huge batch of meatballs? Well, save your hands from the tiring agony of rolling out each one and grab these cool new . These handy, high-quality aluminum tongs make perfectly shaped, smooth and round meatballs about 2" in diameter. Just fill each side with your favorite gourmet meatball mix, close and then open to release.

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  • Makes meatballs about 2" in diameter
  • Simply fill each half-round with your favorite meatball mixture
  • Close the tongs, then open to release the perfectly shaped meatball
  • Makes the meatballs smooth and round
  • Ensures even density for uniform cooking
  • Made in Italy from high-quality aluminum
  • Size: 7" L

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