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Rivsalt Perfect Pasta Salt Rocks

Rivsalt Perfect Pasta Salt Rocks

Rivsalt Perfect Pasta Salt Rocks

Pasta is not the most complicated dish to make, but you can make it perfect when you perfectly salt the water until it's briny in taste to help season each noodle from the inside out. Now if you're not sure which kind of salt to use or how much of it to use, then simply use these cool new Rivsalt Perfect Pasta Salt Rocks instead. To use, just drop one halit salt rock crystal per one liter of water as you set to boil and then cook your noodles to tasty perfection. Makes a great gift for pasta lovers, budding chefs, or foodies of all sorts. Made in Sweden.

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  • Curated by Swedish-Italian master chef Dante Zia
  • Perfectly salted pasta made easy
  • Simply add one halit salt rock per liter of water as you set to boil and be sure to get delicious pasta every time, in no time
  • Optimal size of each halit salt rock
  • Create the ideal briny balance
  • Made in Sweden

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