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HealthSmart LumaTemp - LED Color Changing Shower Head

HealthSmart LumaTemp - LED Color Changing Shower Head

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The cool new HealthSmart LumaTemp is an innovative shower head with a visual color code LED light indicator so you know at a glance if the water is too shockingly cold, too scalding hot, or just right. No electricity or batteries are required, just the flow of water activates the hydro-powered micro-temperature sensor and LEDs that change from BLUE (Cold -Less than 89.6° F) to GREEN (Warm - 91.4-105.8° F) to RED (Hot - 107.6-113° F) to FLASHING RED (Very Hot - Above 144.8° F). A great solution to prevent water burns or just for anyone who enjoys a little modern illumination while showering.

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This flexible slatted bath mat is crafted from responsibly sourced teak wood in Indonesia and is naturally water-resistant.
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It's the 21st century and there's absolutely no reason why humans should have to dispense shampoo, conditioner and body wash manually anymore when there's machines to do it for us.
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HealthSmart LumaTemp - LED Color Changing Shower Head
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HealthSmart LumaTemp - LED Color Changing Shower Head
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HealthSmart LumaTemp - LED Color Changing Shower Head
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HealthSmart LumaTemp - LED Color Changing Shower Head
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HealthSmart LumaTemp - LED Color Changing Shower Head
Flickering Candlestick Bulb Never Needs Replacing
HealthSmart LumaTemp - LED Color Changing Shower Head
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HealthSmart LumaTemp - LED Color Changing Shower Head
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HealthSmart LumaTemp - LED Color Changing Shower Head
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HealthSmart LumaTemp - LED Color Changing Shower Head
Help save your life and others during a global pandemic, prevent getting run down by cars while running or cycling at night, and look like you just wandered out of an alien rave club on some intergalactic cruise ship from the future when you wear this cool new Light Up Fiber Optic Face Mask correctly over your mouth... and nose!

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