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Rancor Monster Towel Ring

Rancor Monster Towel Ring

Rancor Monster Towel Ring

This cool new yet quite a long time ago inspired Rancor Monster Towel Ring is just like the ones holding up hand towels in Jabba the Hutt's private bathroom... you really, really don't want to know anything more about that room. Well, now you too can hang up this miniature bronze-colored sculpture of the terrifying giant Rancor Monster's head on your bathroom wall and hang towels on the metal ring held in its mouth. It's also great to hang up in a Rancor Pit below your home, if you have one, to wipe all the drool off your hands after feeding pesky Jedi to your Rancor Monster, if you have one. It also pairs nicely with the equally cool Jabba the Hutt's Dais Gargoyle Towel Ring.

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