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Aqua Jump Eclipse - Gigantic 20 Foot Floating Water Trampoline

Aqua Jump Eclipse - Gigantic 20 Foot Floating Water Trampoline

Aqua Jump Eclipse - Gigantic 20 Foot Floating Water Trampoline

The trouble with giant backyard trampolines is missing your landing and bouncing off onto the lawn, which is not really as soft as it looks. Well, now you can combine the fun of bouncing and flipping on a trampoline with the refreshing splash of a cannonball water landing with this cool new Aqua Jump Eclipse from RAVE Sports. This gigantic inflatable floating water trampoline has a 20 foot wide diameter with 124 square feet of jumping surface. Just take it to the lake, inflate it with ease using the included high speed inflator / deflator, attach the springs and jump surface, move it to 10 feet of water, and then anchor it. It features a black nylon webbing jump surface, heavy duty steel springs, a cover pad to prevent contact with the springs, and includes a handy ladder so you can actually get up on it. It can easily support up to 6 kids or 3 adults and is compatible with 10+ additional add-on inflatable attachments like a Slide, Launch, Rope Swing, Walk the Plank, and more. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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  • Gigantic 20 Foot Floating Water Trampoline
  • Black nylon webbing jump surface is attached to the inflatable tube with metal springs for maximum jumping experience
  • 124 square feet effective jump surface
  • Spring Pad Cover prevents contact with springs
  • Heavy duty steel springs provide recoil for optimum jumping action
  • Inflate the tube, attach the springs and the jump surface, move to 10’ of water, and anchor
  • Ladder is included for easy climbing from deep water onto the Water Trampoline
  • Inflate/deflate with ease using included High Speed Inflator / Deflator
  • Anchor connector kit included
  • 10+ additional add-on attachments available including a Slide, Launch, Log, Rope Swing, Walk the Plank, and more
  • Capacity: 3 adults or 6 children (1050 lbs / 476 kg)
  • Size: 18' 11" x 36" - 215 lbs

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