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Jet-Puffed Color-Changing Marshmallows

Jet-Puffed Color-Changing Marshmallows

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Besides the toasty brown color resulting from roasting a marshmallow over an open fire, marshmallows tend to stay one color... until now. These cool new Jet-Puffed Color Changers are possibly magical color-changing marshmallows that change from blue to dark green or pink to bright orange when exposed to heat. Sure you can lightly roast them to get them to change colors, but you can also bake them, melt them, put them in the microwave, blast them with a blow dryer, or heat them up any other way you wish. They should be in grocery stores nationwide soon until the end of s'mores season this Fall... or at the links below.

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Single-serving gourmet desserts with buttery, flaky heart-shaped pie crusts filled with luscious, sweet-tart cherry filling all served up on a stick, just like a lollipop.
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These holiday hard candy decoys may look like refreshing red and white striped peppermint, but they're actually just sweet and smoky swine!
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They may look like cute and innocent little gummy bears, but these devil-in-disguise gummies are infused with habanero peppers to create a searing inferno in your mouth.
Mythical Meats - Exotic Game Snack Sticks
Forget the typical jerky and take a snarling bite into a meat stick with an exotic flavor like Werewolf, Mermaid, Unicorn, Dragon, Gremlin, and so much more.
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Jet-Puffed Color-Changing Marshmallows
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Jet-Puffed Color-Changing Marshmallows
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Jet-Puffed Color-Changing Marshmallows
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Jet-Puffed Color-Changing Marshmallows
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Jet-Puffed Color-Changing Marshmallows
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Jet-Puffed Color-Changing Marshmallows
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Jet-Puffed Color-Changing Marshmallows
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Jet-Puffed Color-Changing Marshmallows
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Jet-Puffed Color-Changing Marshmallows
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