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Batwing Desk Light

Batwing Desk Light

Batwing Desk Light


"Where does he get those wonderful toys?" - Joker (Batman 1989)

Transform the dark night into light with a little help from the Dark Knight when you fly in this cool new Batwing Desk Light. 1989 Batman's iconic Batwing plane has been miniaturized down to a 1:50 scale replica, attached to a posable task lamp stand, and outfitted with an LED spotlight underneath to help illuminate your desk or bedside. While quite not as bright as the actual Bat Signal, it should be good enough to brighten up a Bat Cave, man cave, bedroom in a stately manor, planning desk in a supervillain lair, or anywhere dark where no one will see you swooping the little Batwing around while listening to Prince's BatDance, which you can watch down below.

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