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H2Goo - Turns Water Into Colorful Goo and Back Again

H2Goo - Turns Water Into Colorful Goo and Back Again

If your kids don't care for bath time, then maybe they'd be more excited if the bath water was transformed into full-blown colorful goo! Just pour a packet of H2Goo powder into the water and it soaks up to 400 times its own weight and turns into colorful, safe and non-toxic goo that actually softens the skin. It comes in Red, Pink, Blue, or Green Goo, won't clog pipes and won't stain fixtures, linens, or even the kids. When bath time is over, just pour in the included packet of dissolver powder and it transforms everything back into water. I may have to get some of this for myself.


  • For Ages 5 and Up
  • Turns bath water into colorful gel for a tub full of fun
  • Special powder soaks up 400 times its weight
  • Won't clog pipes, stain fixtures, linens, or kids
  • Safe and non-toxic - actually softens skin!
  • Includes 1 packet of goo, 1 packet of dissolver
  • Choose: Red, Pink, Blue, or Green Goo

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