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Pinocchio Toilet Brush

Pinocchio Toilet Brush

Pinocchio Toilet Brush

It's no lie, your toilet bowl probably needs a good scrubbing. So you can either wish upon a star or simply grab this cool new Pinocchio Toilet Brush. The handle of this funny toilet brush is actually Pinocchio's nose, the brush is Pinocchio's smiling face and his cap is the brush stand. Unfortunately for poor Pinocchio, he may wish he could transform into a real boy and escape from cleaning toilets with his head, but the blue fairy in this tale is actually the unmerciful Ty-D-Bol man. Give it as a funny gift for naughty kids!

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  • Fun and whimsical take on a bathroom necessity
  • Plastic handle (Pinocchio's nose)
  • Soft rubber face covers the nylon bristle brush
  • Face cover is Pinocchio smiling with bright blue eyes
  • Oval shaped brush
  • Pinocchio's red plastic hat doubles as a holder for the toilet brush
  • Tip of Pinocchio's hat is bent to make a flat bottom for the brush holder
  • Size: 7" Dia X 19" H

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