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Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat

Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat

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Turn a refreshing bath into a total blood bath when you place this evil yet quite cool new Bloody Bath Mat in front of the tub or shower. This sinister bath mat instantly reacts with water and changes from white to blood red wherever it is stepped on or touched, leaving your victim to do a double take in shocked horror. After it dries, it returns to its original white color. It's actually more like a thin sheet than a plush bath mat, but if placed just right, it should fool your target and if you line the entire bathroom floor with them... a horrific trail of bloody footprints emerges! Perfect for guest bathrooms, April Fools day, Halloween, or just whenever you're in a prankish mood.

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Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat
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Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat
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Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat
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Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat
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Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat
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Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat
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Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat
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Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat
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Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat
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