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Toilet Timer

Toilet Timer

Toilet Timer

Know someone who's spending entirely too long sitting on the can playing games on their phone or who doesn't know their minutes from their hours? Is it you? This cool new Toilet Timer is a fun 5 minute sand timer that gives the bathroom goer a visual motivator to enjoy the go and get off the pot in the ideal amount of time. To set the sand timer, just rotate it 360 degrees and it instantly resets itself without having to hold it upside down. The perfect novelty/functional gift.

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  • This fun gift sends a clear message to the recipient
  • No more 40-minute bathroom breaks. It's time to go or get off the pot before legs fall asleep
  • A unique and functional sand timer that runs for approximately 5 minutes
  • Rotate 360 degrees to set
  • Unique mechanism resets instantly without needing to hold upside down
  • The perfect present for Christmas, Father’s Day, stocking stuffers, white elephant, and birthdays

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